Purchase of digital assets in fiat and crypto on VNX platform

juin 1, 2020

We’ve made payments for digital assets easy and seamless to allow our clients to manage all their transactions on VNX platform. We would like to tell you more about how you can pay in different currencies for Digital Claim Receipts (DCR)


What currencies can be used for payments on VNX?


VNX accepts both fiat and cryptocurrencies. At the moment we support three main currencies for payments: EUR, Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). 


New direct sale feature for clients paying with crypto. Now our clients can easily use their crypto to purchase DCRs with no need of payment in EUR or going to external crypto exchange. We have built an auto conversion feature that will automatically calculate the price of DCR and convert your crypto currency at the specified exchange rate. This functionality is applicable only for direct sale offerings.


Quick overview: Purchase process on VNX platform


First select the offering/digital assets you would like to purchase, then click the “Buy DCR” button.


When you are creating a new order for purchase of the digital assets (DCRs), you will be offered to enter the quantity of DCRs to buy and the option to choose the payment currency. Use the drop-down menu and select either EUR, BTC or ETH as the payment currency. The system will automatically calculate the order value in selected currency.


VNX payments in crypto and fiat


After accepting the Subscription agreement you can proceed with the purchase, by clicking the Send button.


What is needed to start purchase of digital assets on VNX?


VNX offers only quality assets selected and managed by professional investors. You may find information about ongoing offerings on our website or directly on VNX platform


To start investing you need to go through three steps:


  • Register on the platform invest.vnx.lu and go through KYC or KYB procedure;
  • Deposit funds in EUR, BTC or ETH;
  • Deposit VNXLU (a token to pay for VNX service fee).


Do you still have questions? Check out our FAQ or ask the support team in a chat.