LIVE interview with Junhaeng Lee on COVID-19 impact on the crypto industry: Korean experience

avril 14, 2020


Date: April 23, 2020
Time: 11.00 (Luxembourg time)


On April 23, VNX is hosting a LIVE discussion about the “COVID-19 impact on the crypto industry” with our exclusive guest Junhaeng Lee, co-founder and CEO of Streami, the most innovative blockchain holding company in Asia-Pacific with a HQ in Seoul, South Korea and operating the global top tier crypto exchange GOPAX and crypto custodian – DASK.


What will be discussed?


Started in Asia, pandemic quickly spread around the world affecting all the industries. It’s notable that the Republic of Korea is the only country that managed the situation effectively. Despite the unfavorable conditions, Streami managed not only to resist the crisis situation but also demonstrated the significant growth. We believe that Streami’s experience is extremely valuable and insightful for the investment community both traditional and crypto.


Find out from the interview Junhaeng’s thoughts on:

  • How pandemic affected business in Korea and what is the current state during recovery?
  • What is the status of crypto business during the virus outbreak in Korea and globally?
  • What helped Streami not only survive but thrive?


Junhaeng will also be responding LIVE to viewers’ questions during the live interview. If you would like him to answer your question during the interview, you may submit your question here. 2-3 most interesting questions will be added to the interview.


How to join?


Please register via link to join the webinar interview.


Guest Speaker:



Junhaeng Lee is co-founder and CEO of Streami, a blockchain company which grew from a mere 2 people startup to a fully-fledged company with earnings over $ 20 million.


Junhaeng has constantly advocated for operational transparency and regulatory compliance in the blockchain industry. While serving as vice-chair of the Korean Fintech Industry Association (KORFIN) and head of its blockchain committee, Junhaeng has advised numerous legislators and regulators on policy initiatives, serving as an industry representative. Junhaeng is also a founding member of the Global Blockchain Policy Council (GBPC), which held its inaugural conference at the Korean National Assembly in October 2018. The GBPC is focused on bringing legislators and industry members together, in order to create legislation that protects consumers while fostering the development of blockchain technology and its application.


Prior to founding Streami, Junhaeng was an Associate Director at Headland Capital Partners and a consultant at McKinsey & Company.


Junhaeng holds a bachelor’s degree in History from Harvard University.


About Streami


Streami is a Seoul-based blockchain company. In 2015, Streami became the first Korean blockchain company to receive an investment from a leading Korean commercial bank, Shinhan Bank. Other major investors are Fenbushi Capital, BluePoint partners, Digital Currency Group, Strong Ventures and RYUKYUNG PSG Asset management.


Streami is a holding company, which operates GOPAX – one of the top Korean cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of trading volume, security and legal compliance (Top-3 crypto exchange in South Korea and Top-15 globally) and DASK – regulated national crypto depositary service.


Streami has been foremost in its efforts to spearhead regulatory compliance for the blockchain industry in Korea. It is the first blockchain company in the world to be ISO/IEC 27001-certified and the first blockchain company to receive K-ISMS certification from the Korean government for its information security management systems.


Streami has the potential to become an industry leader due to ongoing industry consolidation and regulatory regime changes.