Interview With Michael Jackson, VC Investor, Former Skype COO, for MK Economy

April 3, 2019


Senior journalists from MK Economy, one of the largest weekly magazines in South Korea, visited Luxembourg to cover Luxembourg’s one-of-a-kind fintech ecosystem and interviewed its leading players including experts from the Luxembourg House of Financial Technologies, University of Luxembourg, SnT – Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, VNX Exchange and others.


We are excited to share a few interview highlights and continue posting our series with an interview with Michael Jackson, General Partner, Mangrove Capital Partners, and formerly COO of Skype.


In his interview, Jackson talks about the potential VNX Exchange has to transform how most people make investments today and Luxembourg’s unique culture where big problems get solved jointly “in a small room.”

“All we can do today is buy shares and stocks and bonds, just these three different asset classes and what VNX does is open up a completely different range of assets you can buy,” Jackson explains.


“VNX is one of the companies who is going to operate the next generation of stock exchanges, so distributed stock exchanges where these assets can be split and distributed, sold and bought by people. I feel really strongly that this is a revolutionary change in the way that financial technology is going to be used to help normal people own and invest in assets.”