Interview and Q&A With Alexander Tkachenko, CEO, VNX Exchange for MK Economy

April 4, 2019


Senior journalists from MK Economy, one of the largest weekly magazines in South Korea, visited Luxembourg to cover Luxembourg’s financial and startup ecosystem and interviewed its leading players including experts from the Luxembourg House of Financial Technologies, University of Luxembourg, SnT – Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, VNX Exchange and others.


We are excited to share a few video highlights from this visit, this time in an interview with Alexander Tkachenko, CEO, VNX Exchange. In this interview, Alexander talks about why he created VNX Exchange, the market problems it solves and the company’s strategy in Asia.


“VNX Exchange was born out of a real market problem that venture capital funds have been facing for years. […] Our project is about making illiquid investments liquid, about promoting entrepreneurship, investing into startups and creating new companies,” Tkachenko says.