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About VNX

The idea of creating a new generation platform for venture capital investments arise to Alexander Tkachenko while he was serving as Managing Partner of venture fund. He realized that venture capital investments are locked up for long periods of time and exclude a wide range of investors.

With the development of new technologies and the blockchain, it has become possible to create an innovative solution that allows meeting venture funds and a wide range of potential investors on a single platform. Validation of idea with market experts, lawyers and consultants showed high interest in the project and its relevance.

So, in 2018 Alexander Tkachenko founded the VNX and gathered a strong team of experts with a background in capital markets, technology and finance. Also, during this year VNX  started development of its robust ecosystem and concluded a number of important partnerships for the development of the project.


Bring liquidity & access to the venture
capital market, stimulating a global
influx of capital into technology,
innovation & entrepreneurship


An economy where tokenized
venture capital portfolios are
a respected, high-potential
asset class like any other

Team photos
& bios

Vladimir Khanumyan
Dominique Valschaerts
Alexander Tkachenko
Eugene Gavrilov
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