VNX at Bloomberg Investment Summit 2019

October 19, 2018

VNX team attended Bloomberg Investment Summit 2019, which took place in the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg.


VNX Exchange was invited to speak at the Bloomberg Investment Summit 2019 on 10 October 2018 in Luxemburg. The event stood out from a number of similar events, particularly because senior investment professionals, private bankers, family offices advisors, and wealth managers were actively discussing some key investment trends in finance of the upcoming years. Many notable institutions including Deutsche Bank, Rothschild & Co Asset Management, Credit Agricole Group, iShares, BlackRock, and Bloomberg attended the event this year.


Main topics of the Summit revolved around key investment trends and alternative use cases for investments.


One major topic of discussion was how technology can reinvent existing businesses and how the lack of digital asset regulations would affect its development and decisions of investors. Alexander Tkachenko, VNX Founder and CEO, was invited to speak on the panel “Technology reshaping finance”.

“Key for innovations and blockchain in particular is regulation. Those countries where the regulator starts the dialogue with the sector leaders would benefit in the future”.


The discussions at the Summit sum up perfectly what VNX wants to achieve: an ecosystem where entrepreneurs, institutions, and regulators  are engaged in a dialogue on the advancement of innovation using digital assets.