LIVE interview with Michael Jackson: COVID-19 impact on VC industry

March 27, 2020





VNX Exchange is launching series of LIVE online interviews with industry experts, VCs and entrepreneurs. In response to the current situation of uncertainty, we are bringing fresh insights, expert opinions and advice on the most important topics to inform, support and help you keep the business moving forward.


On April 2, 2020, our first guest – Michael Jackson, former partner at Mangrove Capital and former COO at Skype, will share his expert opinion about COVID-19 impact on the VC industry and SME funding.



What will be discussed?


Any crisis brings not only challenges but also opportunities. Amid volatile times during the COVID-19 outbreak, companies, VCs and startups have to adapt to the new reality and be more creative and agile. Find out from the interview what Michael’s thoughts are on:


  • How will the COVID-19 impact the investment appetite and the landscape for the VC industry?
  • Fundraising opportunities for SMEs this year.
  • Tips to entrepreneurs and SMEs on how to survive in this current situation.
  • What opportunities can arise from this crisis and if there are any possibilities to run certain VC processes in a digital manner when social distancing has been globally enforced?


Michael will also be responding LIVE to viewers’ questions during the live interview. If you would like Michael Jackson to answer your question during the interview, you may submit your question here. 2-3 most interesting questions will be added to the interview.


How to take part?


The webcast will take place on April 2, 11.00 am (Luxembourg time).


Please REGISTER via link to join the webinar interview.