Interview With Luxembourg’s Former Finance Minister Luc Frieden for MK Economy

avril 2, 2019



Senior journalists from MK Economy, one of the largest weekly magazines in South Korea, visited Luxembourg to cover Luxembourg’s one-of-a-kind fintech ecosystem and interviewed its leading players including the Luxembourg House of Financial TechnologiesUniversity of Luxembourg, SnT – Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, VNX Exchange and others.


We are excited to share a few interview highlights and will kick off the series with an interview with Luc Frieden, former Luxembourg Minister of Finance, Partner at Elvinger Hoss Prussen and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Banque Internationale à Luxembourg. Frieden is also leading the  licensing process for VNX Exchange.


In his interview, Frieden talks about Luxembourg, recent technology developments and the future of the day financial industry.


“Our market is not our country, our market is Europe, our market is the world. That’s why the leading Asian, American, European financial institutions have set up their headquarters in Luxembourg, to do business all over Europe,” said Frieden.


From the video interview you will also learn:

  • Why Luxembourg is becoming Europe’s leading financial center;
  • How Luxemburg is prepared for innovations in the financial sector;
  • Why leading global companies headquartered their European business here.

We are also excited to share Frieden’s comments on how VNX Exchange is reshaping venture capital and financial services industry in a joint interview with Alexander Tkachenko, VNX Exchange CEO.

“VNX Exchange is a technology-driven platform, using blockchain in order to allow the venture capital market to become more attractive to more investors,” said Frieden.