Senior QA


Description of the position and its work tasks

Senior QA understands the business model and business processes of the Company, business needs of its clients and how IT systems of the Company automate its business processes. Guided by this understanding, Senior QA proactively selects and executes an optimal testing strategy for the IT systems, taking into account system’s criticality and its role in business processes, time and resource constraints and other factors. In addition to the execution of the optimal testing strategy Senior QA has to detect repetitive and/or most important testing tasks, analyze whether it is feasible to automate them as a part of testing automation strategy and manage the development of automated tests. Senior QA maintains the list of test scenarios, the mapping of them to the business requirements and can provide various testing coverage/testing quality metrics.

Senior QA must be able to lead a small team of testers, setting the priorities for team members and transparently reporting the progress to his/her supervisor. But it is not a pure management role, it is very important that the candidate is perfectly capable of executing different kinds of testing himself.

This job includes, but not limited by the following tasks:

  • Analysis of the business requirements, creation of test cases and test scenarios based on these requirements;
  • Execution of uat, functional, regression, performance and other kinds of testing;
  • Design of various testing quality and testing coverage metrics; control of the quality of testing and reporting of these metrics to the management;
  • Design and execution of the testing automation strategy, including selection of testing automation framework(-s);
  • Working with outsourced development team to ensure outstanding quality of the product;
  • Help with production defects root cause analysis and fixing;
  • QA team growth and leadership if the Company’s strategy will require QA team extension in the future;
  • Keeping the documentation up to date and new users’ training.

Requirements to the candidate, years of experience, skills, etc.

  • 5 years of work experience on QA or Senior QA positions;
  • Work experience with testing automaton frameworks;
  • Working knowledge of SQL programming language and some scripting language/tools;
  • Good understanding of various software development processes, such as agile and waterfall, work experience with tools like git, jira;
  • 3 years of work experience with electronic documentation tools such as confluence;
  • Excellent communication and problem solving skills;
  • Attention to details;
  • Must be self-organized and have good organization skills;
  • Upper-intermediate English;

Optional requirements:

  • Experience with blockchain and/or finance products/projects
  • Team leadership experience
  • Programming experience with some programming language such as Python

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